Ally Walker, Owner and Founder of Flipping Fit, is a Melbourne-based Advanced Silver Artistic Gymnastics Coach with Gymnastics Australia who also holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Education.

Ally has been inspired to provide classes for adults since realising that retiring from gymnastics herself, in 1992, left a huge void in her life. With no options beyond competitive gymnastics available at the time, Ally tried a range of other sports but nothing was as fulfilling as gymnastics.  

In 1999, Ally started coaching at Wesley Lions Gymnastics Club where adults were training. Inspired to return to the sport recreationally, Ally fell in love with coaching adults and has remained dedicated to the cause ever since. 

With COVID-19 restricting access to our gymnasiums in 2020, Ally set up a whole new genre of online classes to bring gymnastics-based fitness to your lounge room. We were so successful with our online classes we are now continuing them in conjunction with new onsite classes to cover all your gymnastics needs.


Start Moving and stay Moving with us!