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Last updated 12 June 2024


Oakleigh Recreation Centre (ORC)

2A Park Road, Oakleigh VIC

(also Waverley Gymnastics Centre)

Entry & Exit to the gymnasium

For all members, entry and exit to the gymnasium are through the rear doors of the facility to be accessed from Bolch Place.













Car Parking

Ample car parking is available in and around the ORC with restrictions ending at 8pm.  We recommend parking at the rear of the facility (close to our entry/exit point) as after 9pm the ORC front entrance will be closed.

Security Access

Access to the gymnasium via the rear doors is by security pass only. All participants must wait to be invited in by a Flipping Fit staff member. 


On arrival to the gymnasium, all participants must be checked in by a Flipping Fit staff member and wait in the foyer until instructed to enter the gym.  

What to wear

We recommend wearing comfortable activewear to classes. No clothing with zips, buttons or pockets. No jewellery or watches. Body piercings should be covered to prevent coming into contact with apparatus. Shoes not required. 

Toilets & Change Rooms

Toilets and change rooms are located onsite however some change rooms are out of bounds due to Child Safety policies.  Members may use either the Staff or Unisex toilets only. Personal belongings must be brought into the gym in a small bag. 

Spectator Policy

Only gymnasts and coaches are allowed in the gym space. Spectators are allowed however they must spectate from the designated spectator area and cannot stay beyond 8.30pm. At Oakleigh, the spectator area can be accessed from the stairs at Waverley Gymnastics Centre reception area.  

Late Arrival Policy 

For your own safety and the safety of other participants, if you arrive after the official start of the class you may not be permitted to join in. Late arrivals will need to enter via the ORC Main entrance and ask a coach before joining in. 

Media Policy

Occasional video and photography footage may be taken by participants, of themselves only, during class time for the purpose of personal skill development. Video and photography footage may be taken by coaches of participants in the class for the purpose of skill development and business promotion. If you do not consent for your image or name to be used in business promotion, you must inform us formerly in writing to

Hygiene Policy 

During the class equipment is shared and therefore we ask that all participants be respectful of others by maintaining good hygiene practices. Please consider carrying a hand towel to wipe down surfaces after use or bring a change of activewear if you tend to sweat profusely.  Personal magnesium chalk can be purchased from our online Shop.

Courtesy Policy 

We do not currently have a cancellation fee for no-show bookings but we do ask that all members politely cancel bookings up to 3 hours before class starts so waiting list members can get bumped in. 

Child Safety & Member Protection Policy

As an affiliated club of Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia our club, coaches and our members are bound by the GV Child Safety Policy and GV Member Protection Policy. We encourage members to read these policies in detail here

Leaving the building  

All participants will be required to leave the building via the designated doors immediately at the end of class.      


The gymnasium will be cleaned as per Facility policies.  


Class Dates 

Classes run continuously throughout the year (no terms breaks) unless otherwise communicated via email. Classes are not held on Victorian State Public Holidays.  

Age Recommendation 

Our program best suits but is not restricted to participants aged 16-39 years (minimum age turning 16 that year). Participants over the age of 40 are recommended to obtain a medical clearance before starting. Participants 60+ years considered on special application. Email 

Fitness Level

If you are attending class for the first time, we do recommend attending with a base level of fitness and strength which will be further developed in classes with regular attendance. If you don't mind battling post muscular soreness, we recommend booking class immediately (don't wait). The sooner you start, the sooner you will "Move Like A Gymnast".  

Annual Club Membership 

All participants must purchase annual Club Membership by their second visit or at the end of a trial period to continue to access our venues and services. This fee supports the operation of the business and includes Personal Injury Insurance coverage for each athlete with GA's National Risk Protection Program. Further information can be found here

Injury Risk 

Gymnastics is considered by insurers to be a high-risk sport however with careful planning, experienced coaching and following instructions the risk of injury is significantly lowered. We recommend new participants enroll in our online classes to build foundations or come with a base of strength and flexibility which will be further developed through regular attendance.  

Class Curriculum

Our fully instructed classes welcome absolute beginners to advanced. Our program supports both recreational and competitive gymnasts with classes focussing on fitness, fun and skill development. Our classes are carefully planned following recommended curriculum developed by the Owner of Flipping Fit and endorsed by Gymnastics Victoria. All classes include a warm up, flexibility, physical conditioning, handstand development, skill development on Floor (tumbling) and one apparatus (eg. bars, beam, rings, vault, trampoline). If you attend class on a single night only, or every night of the week, you will get a chance to experience all the gymnastic apparatus. More advanced gymnasts are allowed to work independently on all apparatus after 8.15pm with coach approval.


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