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Classes Now Open to 16+

Are you 16 or have you got a 16 year old who wants to start or continue gymnastics?

Our Adult Classes are now open to ages 16+

We are on a mission to open the pathway for kids to continue gymnastics into their adult years.

Gymnastics is not and has never been just a sport for kids, the benefits of gymnastics continue well into adult years.

Just the same as kids, adults in gymnastics will increase in…




✅body awareness

✅spacial awareness



As with kids, adults can transfer these physical attributes into other sports like football, cricket, soccer, netball, golf, tennis, swimming, bike riding, rock climbing, martial arts or yoga.

Gymnastics requires the greatest range of movement in the greatest number of planes…






& of course inverted 🙃

The stimulation to your brain & body is exponential and it’s also a great stress release.

We want to make GYMNASTICS a sport for life.

So choose GYMNASTICS & start with us TODAY!

Adult Classes run Monday, Wednesday & Friday 7.30pm-9.30pm. No term breaks.

Classes return Monday 10th January 2022 at the Oakleigh Recreation Centre aka Waverley Gymnastics Centre.

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