Private Lessons

Most suitable for, but not limited to, professional and recreational Gymnasts, Acrobats, Dancers & Cheerleaders of all ages.

Private lessons are an opportunity for you to focus on progressing a particular skill or gymnastics component, or develop a mentorship with one of our expert coaches.

We understand the complexity of learning gymnastics skills, the physical and mental demands and the importance of gymnast readiness.  We also understand that building self-belief, confidence and happiness is a critical component in this process which comes from having an open and positive Coach-Athlete relationship.

Bookings open to kids, teens and adults.   
Student discounts available.

Every Sunday
(except long weekends)
Location: Oakleigh Recreation Centre
(also Waverley Gymnastics Centre)

Our coaches are carefully selected for their expertise, knowledge and passion for helping all movers.

To book a private lesson, click the button below and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.