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Maffra Masters Wrap

The Maffra Gymnastics Masters was held on Saturday 27th May. In attendance were 26 gymnasts from Clubs all over Victoria.

Our Owner, Ally Walker, represented Flipping Fit in the 46+ Veteran category and performed routines on the Vault, Bars, Beam, Rings and Mini-Tramp. Ally took out 1st place on the podium (also the only gymnast in her category- LOL) and said "Despite this it was a great feeling to be out on the gym floor after so much time."

If you would like to join Ally and others representing Flipping Fit, the next event is the Knox Masters on Sunday 13th August. You have exactly 10 weeks to get ready - GO!

Reach out if you have any questions or chat to a coach in class.

Express your interest by sending us an email.

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