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Masters 2024 ~ Join the Team

We are seeking expressions of interest for Masters 2024!


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Masters Gymnastics provides our members with the chance to represent Flipping Fit at local and interstate gymnastics competitions. Entries are open to individuals of all abilities, and no previous competition experience is required. The events are designed to be friendly, supportive, and inclusive of all levels of gymnastics.


This year, Flipping Fit is hosting our very own Masters Gymnastics Invitational! To manage costs, our event will be held at the State Gymnastics Centre in Windsor on the afternoon of Sunday, July 7th. We are excited to have many of our members represent and make this event the most fun of all.




How old do I have to be?

The minimum age is usually 18. No age is too old.


What do I have to wear?

Leotards are optional. You can wear the same clothes you wear to training or even dress up for the event in costume for bonus points.


Who do I compete against?

The entry categories are usually different for each competition but usually divided by age and ability.

What if I have not competed in gymnastics before?

Great! We are looking forward to supporting you as you experience your first gymnastics competition.


Will a coach attend the event with me?

Yes. At least 1 coach from Flipping Fit will attend each event to support gymnasts.


Do I have to pay to enter these events?

Yes. Each event will have its own entry cost. Travel, food and accommodation is also at the expense of the gymnast. Competitors will also be required to purchase at least 1 piece of Club uniform (eg. Club Hoodie or T.Shirt).


When do I learn and practice my routines?

All entrants will be supported in usual class time to create and practice routines. Extra practice days may be arranged closer to the event if required.


When do I enter?

Entries will be communicated by our Flipping Fit administration team. You will be contacted via email when entry dates open and close.


Any further questions please reach out to


We look forward to hearing from many of you!



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