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Become Gymnastics Fit!

Train online or in the gym

All Body Types | All Fitness Levels | Ages 16+

We believe...

No gymnast should fall out of love with gymnastics.

It's not your ability that changes, it's your needs.

How you move at your age defines you.


Adult Gymnastics Classes

Based at the Oakleigh Recreation Centre (ORC) 4 nights a week in Melbourne's South East, our fully instructed onsite classes cater for ages 16+ and welcome absolute beginners to advanced.


Our program supports both recreational and competitive gymnasts with classes focusing on fitness, fun, and learning gymnastics skills.


Book a single class or purchase a pricing plan. Student discounts available.

Gymnast on a Balance Beam

Private Lessons

Book a 1:1 lesson to progress a skill, break a mental or physical barrier or receive mentorship support.

To start, send us an email detailing your specific needs and goals.

Cobra Pose

New -
Video Stream

Improve your Fitness, Strength & Flexibility working out alongside Flipping Fit Owner Ally Walker via our new Video Stream!

Start your journey to moving better with our pre-recorded classes from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.

Classes aimed at ages 16+

  • Gymnastics Fitness

  • Gymnastics Strength

  • Stretch & Limber

  • Foam Rolling 

  • Flexibility

Gymnasts Practicing
Bethan - Ex Gymnast - Move Like a Gymnast

Bethan, Former Gymnast

I’ve been attending online and onsite classes for 3 weeks now. I love the super positive and supportive atmosphere, and how quickly I’m seeing my flexibility improve!

Ken - Beginner Gymnast - Move Like a Gymnast

Ken, Beginner Gymnast

I've been attending classes online since October 2020 and now onsite and I really like the coaches dedication in ensuring a fun, engaging and progressive environment to build strength, confidence and new skills.

Josephine - Advanced Gymnast - Move Like a Gymnast

Josephine, Advanced Gymnast

I've been attending online classes for the past year and these classes are a great and convenient way to keep up strength, flexibility and fitness and onsite gymnastics are the best gymnastics classes in Melbourne. They have knowledgeable coaches, great equipment, are safe and best of all friendly and lots of fun.

Kelly - Ex Gymnast - Move Like a Gymnast

Kelly, Former Gymnast

I’ve attended one flipping fit class, and I attended it onsite.  I loved how much freedom I had to train the skills I wanted, while still being able to get assistance from the coaches when I requested it.  Plus, the coaches are super friendly. 

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