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We are Hiring!

We are looking to train and upskill our next generation of coaches. We predominantly work with adults but hey, adults are big kids really. We do change the way we communicate (for adults) and set up equipment differently (for adults), but all the building blocks are the same.

Adults generally learn slower (but they don't mind that), and they like to know "why" they are doing things (they need context) but this is a great challenge for coaches to really understand what they are teaching and its purpose. So, if you want a change or need more hours, you like to keep fit or you might be a recent competitive gymnast ready to pass on their knowledge, please get in touch. Paid employment is immediately available for qualified applicants.

Adult Classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday nights 7.30pm-9.30pm

Private Lessons 1.30pm-5.30pm Sundays (all ages)

For more information click here

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